David Velasco


I'm a photographer and video artist. Recently, I have found myself working heavily with geometric tendencies in my photography. As a math geek in my grade-school education, I've started to see its influence start to seep into my photographic work.Themes I've seen repeating throughout my work have been repetition, order, sequence, line, and structure. I love architecture and exterior work as much as I love working in studio and shooting stills. My video work continues to emulate my photographic work as I deal with rhythm and repeating elements.

I'm a hobbyist musician and composer, dealing mostly in the world of electronic music. I also love playing music and rhythm based video games. My work has begun to really reflect some of my outside interests.

For more in depth views on my most recent works (including video works), please visit me at


  • Photography
  • Video Art


  • Studio Lighting
  • Darkroom Processing
  • Photo Retouching
  • Video Editing